3 Good Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen Now             

For the vast majority of houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home and implicitly the main center of activity. Completely remodeling the kitchen can become a serious undertaking because there are many expenses involved, not to mention the inconvenience represented by the pause. However, remodeling the kitchen is totally worth the trouble, at least for the GST rebate. When not sure whether to get into a kitchen renovation, consider the following reasons.


If you choose to completely renovate you home, then you may qualify for a portion of the GST/HST paid for the labor and implicitly the materials. The reason for this is that a substantially renovated house is treated as a newly built one. Nonetheless, you have to make major changes like doubling the floor space of the existing kitchen or changed it physically, meaning moving interior walls, changing cabinetry and replacing countertops. All you have to do is replace minimum 90% of the kitchen to meet the test. Another option would be to transform the kitchen into a real living space or make it an extension of the living room. This way your project will surely qualify for a living space. Later on, when you sell the property you can make a taxable supply of the premises, including all the work done.

Make enough room

The truth is that few people are actually satisfied with the amount of space of the cabinets or the countertop in the kitchen. This is reason enough to double the floor space and make room to accommodate both the refrigerator and maybe a piece of furniture. Replacing the countertops and making adjustments to the shape of your kitchen will provide you with all the space you need to accommodate all uses. In other words, you can make your kitchen either resemble a professional cooking space or incorporate a living area. So, if you want to live in the present, it is time to bring your kitchen to the 21st century.

The kitchen layout

Even if the kitchen layout may have worked well with the previous owner, people rarely share the same tastes. It is not necessarily about the fact that the kitchen lacks a breakfast bar, but rather to arrange the kitchen so as to suit your family’s needs. Incorporating a door into the layout of the kitchen or adding a deck to the side of the house is translated into convenience for outdoor entertaining. Additionally, you can reposition the windows to let the sun in and to be able to watch your children play in the backyard. You will need a door that is at least 34 inches wide for a clear opening.