Are you Renovating the Kitchen? Don’t Forget to Add Insulation 

If you are going to embark on your kitchen renovation project anytime soon, you should consider adding insulation to the interior of the exterior walls. This is such a good opportunity that it should not be missed prior to rearranging things. Even though you may install thermal windows in the kitchen, they will not provide you the protection you need against mold and decomposition. In order to prevent the loss or the progression of heat, it is a god idea to add a layer of protection. However, you should refrain from doing the job yourself. What you should do is start looking for insulation contractors, that is if you want a positive outcome. They have the products you need to control the degree of moisture and keep this room comfy at all times.

Type of insulation you should choose

Only insulation that is effective can combat moisture and keep your kitchen warm throughout the year. When having to choose between different products, you should pay close attention to the R-value. The R-value refers to the degree of performance of the product. It is obvious that the effectiveness varies according to the product. The higher the R-value is, the more the product is capable of protecting your kitchen from moisture. As a general rule, the product that offers the best results is spray foam. Unlike other choices, spray foam does not allow the outdoor air to leak in and it does not lead to problems in the future. It is certainly more adequate than the protection you already have.

Problems you may encounter 

As with all renovation projects, not everything will go smooth. What can happen is that you can encounter problems with regards to the installation process. For instance, you may discover signs of water damage on the wall, which is not that uncommon. Water damage ultimately leads to the formation of mold, a fungus which can pose serious health threats. Either due to water damage or to the moisture vapors that are transferred together with the heat, the interior walls filled with mold. Taking into consideration that exposure to this bacteria is dangerous, you should take proper measures. You will need to locate the source and of course take measures to resolve the problem. It is important to keep in mind that if you do not do the job properly, there is the risk that the vapor moisture will penetrate the wall once again. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, you should make sure that the installer seals the surface properly.

Insulating between battens

If you have your mind set on using weak products, then you may want to tell the contractors to install an additional coating. The wall will be warmer if you add barriers between the battens as well. This is called thermal bridging. Once the foam insulation is fitted in, you can add furring sheets over the top and make sure that they are tightened. This may involve more work, but it is worth the effort. Your kitchen will not be the coldest room in the home anymore. On the contrary, it will be one of the most pleasant ones.