Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor

The best thing about the kitchen is that despite the fact that it has a completely functional purpose, this room can also be nicely decorated. However, despite the fact that the kitchen has so much design potential, a lot of its areas receive very little attention. Such is the case of the above kitchen cabinet decor which few people are familiar with.

  • Essential details

When it comes to the above kitchen cabinet decor, the most important thing that you must take into account is how high you’re cabinets are placed. If you’re having a hard time reaching the space above the cabinets, it is better to use this space solely for design purposes. Even if you have no problems reaching the space above the cabinets, you could still try to make it visually pleasant by mixing functionality with design. For example, you could place some vintage hampers above the cabinets which you can fill with things that you rarely use. If you’re cabinets are positioned very low, you can deposit your spice jars on them. This looks particularly good if you use vintage spice jars.

  • Decorating elements

If you have decided to use the space above the kitchen cabinets solely for decorative purposes, you have plenty of alternatives. The above kitchen cabinet decor can contained collection plates, vintage crates, flower decorations and so on.

  • Kitchen mantel

If you are a creative person and you like to constantly change the decor of your home, you can use the space above the kitchen cabinets as a mini mantel whose decorations you can change as often as you like. Seasonal decorations look particularly well, especially since the kitchen often lacks the space for the holiday decor.

  • A touch of green

If you love to bring as much nature as possible into your house, you can put some plants above your kitchen cabinets. If your cabinet doors open sideways, you should avoid hanging plants which might get caught in the cabinet doors. It is also preferable to choose plants which don’t need a lot of lighting and which are not bothered by high humidity.

As you can see, the above kitchen cabinet decor can be as diverse as you want it to be. It can combine functional purposes with visually pleasant elements and it can also redefine the look of your kitchen. All you have to do is let your creativity go wild and choose an idea which best suits your kitchen’s style.