Christmas Ribbons Invade Your Kitchen 

The amazing thing about Christmas is that you can decorate your entire home, and it will not look overwhelmed. You can use any item of your kitchen as a centerpiece. One amazing item used by mothers all around the world is the kitchen table, which can be decorated in the most festive way to make the visitors feel cozy when gathering around to eat. Speaking of table decorating, you should not forget the chairs, which can be easily decorated with Christmas ribbon, in various colors. For a more seasonal look, you can use green sash ribbons to make bows at the back of the chairs. The color of the ribbons used for the chairs can be the same one you used to customize the greeting plates. Customizing the plates was never so easy, you have to cut letters from a colored paper and to stick them to white or nude plates and hang the plates on your kitchen walls.

Tips for decorating the kitchen and dining room 

For the dining room, you can use a different type of decorating plates, silver trays in different degrees of tarnish offer a shimmery look to the room and if you place some candles in their front you will obtain a soft light reflection into the dining room. You can make your kitchen table look more festive by using trays and silver hollowware. The elegant look can be achieved by combining the silver accessories with pinecones, Christmas balls, and framed photos. Make glass goblets and use them as table centerpieces. You can add little pink bouquets made by tulips, ranunculus, roses, hypericum berries and pine springs. You can add a little silver ribbon bow at these goblets. Illuminate your kitchen in the holy night with holiday jars. They represent an artistic choice because of the greenery from the inside, which can be accessorized with cranberries on the top. Add water to make the cranberries float to the top of the jar and tie a red ribbon with printed Christmas trees at the bottom of it.

How to add personality to the ceiling and kitchen door 

If you have a chandelier in the room, make it look like a frozen one with glass stars and glass balls cascading from it.  They should be hanged at different heights and you can place the Christmas table under it. Hang some fake snowflakes to create the illusion of falling snow. You can make a personalized Christmas wreath by purchasing seasonal cookie cutters in varied colors and to tie them with glitter ribbon. You can add a big bow to the cookie cutter wreath and place it on the top of the door.

Kitchen decorating never looked so funny and interesting than this year, when you can ornate your china cups with purple ribbon and make them look like Christmas tree decorations. You can add them instead of balls in your little Christmas tree from the kitchen. Do not forget to add a little Christmas sparkle to your kitchen window, by decorating it with glass jars and bottles which have colored candles inside. Vary the shapes, heights, and colors of the glasses. Use either one or all these tips and make your kitchen beautiful for the winter season.