Contemporary Kitchen

When talking about the contemporary period of time, we think of the present time, but if we look far away in the past, we can easily notice that this age starts back in the 1940s. Italy and Germany are known as promoters of this age and they inspired architecture and interior design within the whole Europe.

A contemporary kitchen must be suitable to the period of time we are living in and therefore it has the characteristics specific to modernity. For example, natural materials are replaced by stainless steel and linoleum, as well as concrete and frosted glass.

However, contemporary kitchen differs from the modernist style, as it combines traditionalism and functionality. As soon as you come into a kitchen like this, you will easily notice that it express warmth and hospitality, rather than fashion and style.

Cleanness, simplicity and white elements are the main key-words for this type o kitchen and in order to make a clear distinction between modern and contemporary, one must think of trends and actuality.
Contemporary style is promoted by Pottery Barn and West Elm and include elements from the Danish design and arts as well. Traditional cabinetry and horizontal lines placed in an area filled with creativity and a wide space are the ingredients that lead to an aspect inspired from our days. Aesthetics and ideas, combined with some rules to obey and an appeal for the family life will allow you to obtain the contemporary kitchen that you have always dreamed of.

In order to know exactly where to look for when it comes to contemporary kitchens, we have thought of Dadaweb. In case you have not heard of it so far, we are pleased to announce you that it is one of the most appreciated sources of inspiration when it comes to contemporary kitchens and among its principal elements, you can include the need for space. Wide, open kitchens and slightly included in the living room are part of this project and the call for natural light leads your eyes to the ceiling.

Your kitchen not only becomes more spacious, but it also gets taller and the feeling you get once you spend your time there is even more relaxing and pleasant. Try having a contemporary kitchen rather that a vintage one, because it keeps you connected to the real world and in the meantime it offers you a great sense of wealth and prosperity!