Essential Kitchen Appliances for Incredible Parties

When shopping for kitchen appliances, most homeowners stay on the practical side of things, choosing the products that they can use every day to cook, but life isn’t just about routine cooking, is it? From time to time, a party will come up and when that happens you will need a few appliances and items to make your life easier. Whether you buy them for yourself or as a gift to a friend, these products should be on your shopping list.

Popcorn maker

Movie nights and popcorn go very well together, but not all popcorn is a healthy snack. Why buy pre-made popcorn that’s filled with preservatives and artificial colourings or make it in the microwave where you can get your very own popcorn maker? It only uses hot hair, so you’ll be able to enjoy a much healthier, low calorie snack. Besides, a good popcorn maker costs less than $50, so in the long run you’re actually saving money. As an extra benefit, these appliances come in all sorts of retro and vintage designs, so they’ll add a colourful touch to your kitchen.

Wine cooler

There is nothing more embarrassing than having guests and treating them to a glass of room temperature wine because you don’t have space for the bottle in the fridge. Wine coolers are very inexpensive, take up little space and they help you get out of a tight situation. Just like popcorn makers, they come in all sorts of designs, so you can choose one that matches the style of your kitchen or dining room.

Double decker toaster

Big parties are fun, but cooking food for a lot of people can be very stressful and time consuming with only one oven. Then why not replace it with a double decker toaster? Like the name suggests, this appliance has two decks, so you can reduce your cooking time to half by preparing two dishes at the same time.

Next-gen air fryer

Fries and chicken wings are two of the most popular party foods and when people are coming over you need to make them fast and in big quantities. An air fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance for this, because it deep air-fries wings and fries in record time with very little oil. Besides, it also comes with several accessories, so you can also make brownies and pizza.

Chocolate fountain

Everyone buzzes around chocolate fountains at weddings and large events, but did you know that they’re not that expensive? A mini chocolate fountain for your home is around the $40-mark, so everyone can afford it. It’s the ultimate surprise for desert and it will definitely be the hit of your next party!

Slushy machine

Are you planning a summer garden party and need lots of refreshments? Why use soft drinks and ice when you can take things to the next level by getting a slushy machine? It’s affordable, very easy to use and you can experiment with all sorts of crazy flavours! For home use, you don’t need a large model, such as the ones found in movie theatres, with compartments for multiple flavours; a small one, of up to 32 ounces, will do.