Frigidaire Freezer

The Frigidaire freezer is a useful appliance that can be found in either upright models or chest-like models. Frigidaire was founded as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who developed the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916. In 1918, one of the founders of General Motors, William C. Durant personally invested in the company and a year later the company adopted the name Frigidaire. The brand had achieved such popularity in the 20th century that most Americans called any refrigerator, whatever its brand, a “Frigidaire”.

Today the company produces more than the Frigidaire freezer, they also offer products like automatic washers, and they claim to be the first to introduce innovations like the electric self-contained refrigerator, the home food freezer, the room air conditioner, 30” electric ranges or coordinated colors for home appliances. As for the Frigidaire freezer, the company offers a wide variety for the consumer market, including the traditional Top Freezer models and more modern Side-By-Side and French Door model. With the Frigidaire freezer, you don’t even need a special freezer for those slushies, simple cocktail recipes, ice cubes and frozen milkshakes that everybody enjoys on a hot summer day.

A basic Frigidaire freezer in an upright position is fitted with Front Digital Display and Lock, two fixed and three shelf bookends and two adjustable shelves. With a capacity of 20.5 cu. ft. the Frigidaire freezer is equipped with automatic alerts that let you know if the door is left open or if the temperature rises. Other features include the Frost Free Operation technology, which eliminated the need of ever having to defrost your freezer. Bright lighting helps you see with facility what’s inside, the lock with pop-out key ensures the freezer key is automatically ejected after you lock its door and the SpaceWise Shelf Bookends are designed to hold more frozen food containers upright. If the Frigidaire freezers seem interesting, then you should also read some side by side refrigerator reviews, and see what this brand has to offer in this respect. You will see that the Frigidaire side by side refrigerator reviews really recommend them because they are practical, making it easy to see all the way to the bottom of the fridge and to move produce in and out of the compartments.

The Frigidaire freezer has full-width adjustable shelves and fixed shelves, a lower storage basket, adjustable shelf bookend organizers and fixed door shelf retainers. The leveling legs ensure you can adapt the Frigidaire freezer to fit your particular needs or available space and the Door Ajar Alarm lets you know if you’ve forgotten the door open. This great machine has enough room to hold ingredients for complicated dishes. If you enjoy simple cocktail recipes with fruits and strawberry milkshakes, before you serve them, place the glasses in the freezer and leave them for 2 or three minutes, the amount of time necessary to cool them.

As for dimensions, a regular Frigidaire freezer has an exterior width of 32 inches, an exterior depth of 31-38 inches and exterior height of approximately 70 inches. The door opens at 90 degrees and the Frigidaire’s total weight ranges somewhere around 250 pounds. As for Frigidaire Chest Freezers, they follow the same principle, only the arrangement of the shelves is different and the access is made through a top door. Most chest freezers are fitted with three lift-out baskets, two slide-out baskets and exterior display of power on and temperature alarm status.