How to Pack Your Kitchen Effectively

One of the hardest room you will have to pack is the kitchen, because it has so many small and fragile items. Your drawers are probably full of things that will need to be packed individually to be able to find them easily and rearrange them when you unpack. Even though a removals company will take your items from point A to point B, you are the one who has to pack everything properly or even if you hire a team of movers that will also pack your things, you will still need to oversee the entire process.

Begin by sorting things out

Every person gathers a lot of items that they never get to actually use, so when you decide to move you should take some time and sort some of your kitchen items. You will soon realize that there are indeed more than a few things that you have used throughout the years and it would be much better not to take it with you to the next home. If the movers will pack your kitchen for you, you can place a post-it on what you don’t want to take with you. During the day before the move, you can organize a small yard sale with all the items that you chose to leave behind and make some extra cash that will come in handy later on.


If you still have the original boxes of your appliances you can use them, if not you will surely find a few medium-sized boxes that will find almost any product. Do keep in mind to remove all the small parts that could get damaged during the trip. The more fragile appliances can be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any possible damage that might happen.


You should place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of each box and after that a lawyer of paper between each plate, before stacking them in the box. Glasses and mugs should be wrapped individually in packing paper, bubble wrap or tank tops and T-shirts if you need an affordable alternative. This should prevent them from breaking during transportation.

Pots and pans

Pots and pans can be easily stacked one inside the other and place is a suitable box. Try to find a box that matches the size of the largest pot exactly top prevent any possible accidents along the way and ask your movers to place them on the bottom, to prevent them from falling on top of the box that contains fragile glasses and other items that might get damaged.


The best way to pack silverware is to sort everything by type and tie them up with a rubber. After you have finished sorting, you can place everything inside a show box and close it properly with a piece of tape.

Label everything

Since all boxes need to be taped to prevent the items from falling, you should label each box as soon as you have filled it with something. This will help movers stack the boxes properly and you when the time comes to unpack everything, as you will know exactly what each box contains.