New Windows For A Brighter Kitchen

When it comes to selling houses, kitchens are the main draw. Alongside bathrooms, kitchens are the most important room from an interiors point of view, and even simple kitchen renovations can have a considerable influence on the value of your home. From new appliances and units through to complete kitchen refits, cautious improvements to the kitchen are, in most cases, likely to add more value than the cost of the works.

Naturally, some improvements will add more value than others. Anything that makes a room look or feel bigger is always a bonus, while the finish (and cleanliness) of the interior are also major subconscious factors for homebuyers. Adding new windows can achieve several of these objectives, helping lift the quality of the appearance of your kitchen from inside and out. More window space also means more light, which leaves rooms feeling brighter and more spacious.

But with new standards and insulation regulations, it is perhaps the effect on heating bills that makes new windows an attractive option. Through providing greater insulation over older, single-glazed windows, new windows can help retain heat and prevent the costs of heating your home from becoming too substantial. The annual saving that comes from new windows should be factored into the overall cost. With a high-quality pane, homeowners can expect to make their money back over time if not instantly.

The aesthetic of your property is always one of its main selling points, and the visual impact is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice when they come to view your home. Nicer windows and frames outside help make your home more visually appealing to prospective buyers while freshening the appearance inside and introducing more light can help make your kitchen feel more spacious.

At the point of sale, brand new windows are an attractive feature for buyers. The same way as an up-to-date heating system prevents future maintenance, repair and installation costs, taking care of the windows in your home can save future buyers money and hassle. This is often more than reflected in the asking price, and often improvements of this kind are a good investment, both financially and in terms of the attractiveness of the home to potential buyers.

Home renovations expert Phil Spencer has spent over ten years helping homeowners in the UK add value to their property ahead of sale. He recommends changing the kitchen windows before putting your home on the market, to achieve a tangible percentage gain on the selling price you can secure.

“If you are only going to improve one room, make it the kitchen. This has now become the showpiece area of the home. We don’t just cook in it, we do homework in it, we watch television in it and hold dinner parties there.”