Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Interior design may seem like a fun and easy job but the reality is a little different. Just like any other field of work, interior design requires certain knowledge. In order to obtain a beautiful decor, you must stick to a few basic concepts. Today we are going to analyze the elements of a rustic kitchen in order to teach you how to decorate such a kitchen without spending too much money and without running the risk of a room looking tacky or crowded.

  • Rustic kitchen styles

The rustic interior style is often associated with the Country American style but there are several other styles that you can try. A very elegant rustic style is the French Country Style which combines elements of the shabby chick style but maintains a minimalistic vibe. The Shabby Chic Style is often unorganized and crowded while the French Country style is more simple and organized. The most distinctive feature of this style is the white wood furniture combined with feminine touches such as lace curtains. Another interesting rustic style is the Industrial style which combines hard wood furniture with modern appliances and strong metal touches. If you want a more exotic kitchen, you could focus on rustic ethnic styles. For example in Eastern Europe, the rustic style is characterized by handmade elements like decorative painted pottery. You could also try an Asian kitchen decor which should focus on either red of black wood furniture. This decorating style usually features hand paintings on the wooden furniture.

  • Rustic elements

The main element of any rustic kitchen is the unfinished wood furniture. In order for the rustic vibe to be strong, avoid shiny surfaces. Instead of white glossy surfaces focus on gray or black marble or marble substitutes. Aside from the furniture, the wood must be integrated in the decorative elements as well. A nice idea is to use wood utensils as decorations such as wooden spoons. Vintage spice jars places in a wood spice rack is another must have element in a traditional kitchen and so are dry spices used as decorations such as garlic braids or dry lavender bouquets.

  • Backgrounds

In order to achieve a perfect rustic design, you must pay a lot of attention to the background as well. As far as the wall paint goes, it is important for it to complement the color of the furniture. Shades of beige and cream are ideal for rustic decors. Red bricks are also great especially for certain rustic styles such as American Country or Neo Rustic. A nice touch is to create a whole red brick wall, preferable, the one behind the stove. However, bricks should be avoided if you choose a more elegant and delicate style such as the French Country style.

  • Rustic decorating tips

The most important tip that we can give you for a rustic design is to try to hide all modern elements. In a traditional kitchen, modern appliances should be hidden behind hard wood furniture. The only exception to this rule is the Neo Rustic decor whose industrial design demands for a mixture of unfinished wood and
modern appliances or strong metal elements.