The Common Features of Asian Kitchens

Asian kitchens are exotic and fresh, and they can bring a note of charm to any contemporary home. The thing that all Asian kitchens have in common is the fact that they strictly comply with the minimalist style rules without threatening to become too cold and feel unwelcoming. We might think that minimalist is a modern innovation, but the truth is that the uncluttered, simple, yet stylish home décor was inspired by the traditional Japanese interior decoration. Asian inspired home décor has been in vogue for a few years now and the minimalist style has detached itself from the original style. It is needless to mention that attention to detail and ample compositions are also features of the Asian home décor, especially when it comes to kitchens, which are supposed to be aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time.

A combination of styles

Some things you come to expect from Asian inspired kitchens as for instance geometric lines, slight and sleek curves, heavy proportions and wood. While other features come as a personal touch brought by the homeowner or interior designer such as harmonizing the elegance and symmetry of the Asian style furniture and colors with the Western style room proportions and habits. While recreating a Japanese style kitchen is not necessarily difficult considering the fact that you will be able to place a bespoke order to furniture makers, the challenge is matching your habits to the peculiarities of this type of kitchen. If you do not have the confidence of eating while sitting on the floor, you should forget about the kotatsu.

Care for details

Finding a table of normal proportions that will go well with the rest of the décor might seem a piece of cake at first, but soon you will realize that Asian décor is created with minute attention to detail and changing anything will feel wrong. It can take a while to find a table that will match the rest of the furniture as well as the original piece. If you do decide that a low table is something you can manage and desire, you should install floor heating. Hiring an interior designer to help you with the décor is a great idea because he/she will know exactly what goes or not when it comes to the Asian style.

Coziness and warmth

The warm feeling brought by the furniture strategic placing and their matching colors is also something you should expect from a kitchen decorated in this Asian tradition. Every piece of furniture is placed in a certain location after careful consideration to ensure peace of mind and tranquility. Nothing is accidentally arranged in an Asian house. Another important feature of this type of kitchen is increased functionality.