Warming Up a Cold Kitchen


The kitchen is usually the hub of activity and there is no secret that it is the most used room in the house. The kitchen is the place where you can typically find noisy appliances and garbage disposals. However, the kitchen is also the place where a lot of moisture forms. Moisture is most frequently caused by poor insulation. Additionally, some kitchens are unusually cold making the dining area inhospitable. So, what is there to be done about this situation? One solution would be to install fireproof foam insulation and ensure better covering and warmth in the area.

The cause of chilly dining area  

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic tile is not responsible for the chinless in the dining area. The source of coldness is actually the result of substandard insulation in the exterior walls of the kitchen and inadequately directed heat. Old houses, in particular, were built according to people’s ideas of the time. Insulation meant a totally different thing, not to mention that they considered more important to heat other parts of the house. At present, kitchens are still overlooked when it comes to providing isolation because it is assumed that you can warm it by just opening the stove. This was true for a certain period considering that people did not have pre-made meals or microwave ovens. Using the stove as a heating system nowadays is neither recommendable nor energy efficient.

Which is the right type of insulation?

According to the present standards, the original insulation of a house is inadequate. What you need to do is call a specialist and choose a type of covering that will prevent the air from coming in. since air mostly infiltrates through the corners of the floor and the corners of the window, this is where you need to start. The most popular choice on the market and one that is particularly energy efficient is spray foam insulation. It has an elevated R-value, meaning that it slows the movement of the heat and it will keep your dining room warm during cold times. Spray foam is enough to maintain the climate in your house.

Is it fireproof?

The major concern with spray foam insulation is the fire risk typically associated with it. Opposed to other types of coverings, spray foam is highly fire resistant. This means that this method will not cause a house fire. Not only the chances of catching fire are null, but the easy installation is at the same time safe. Just to be on the safe side, you should hire a professional to correctly apply the layers of foam on top of each other.