White Kitchens

You will never feel out of fashion with a white kitchen. The reason is simple and can be easily explained within a few words. It is stylish, classy, bright and clean and, at least, it seems to be bigger than its actual size. Moreover, it goes pretty well with almost every type of design.

Although white may lead to think that this type of kitchens is not as suitable for a warm and familiar place, the reality is rather different. White kitchens are modern through their own style: horizontal lines, appliances and sometimes they can even get a minimal look. If you want a kitchen like this, then one of the most important elements are the appliances and the various nuances of white they sport as well. It may seem easy to decorate in white, but it is just as easy to mismatch nuances and end up with a pitiful result; that is why it is important to read more than one refrigerator review, and pay attention to design elements as well, not just specifications. If you do your research, you will find a refrigerator that meets your expectations and that not only has the right nuance of white, but that also has all the right decorative and aesthetic elements.

Let’s try to describe a white kitchen. Of course, it cannot be totally white, so that you feel like being a corner of heaven, but you can guess that there will predominate white. Even the floor can be of a different color and it does not mean that the kitchen is not white as a result of the white cabinetry. What about the appliances? And what can we say about the countertops?

A slate can be used as a decorative element for a white kitchen, provided that it respects the same color. White chairs, tables, and pendants can also be added for elegance, style, and a classy look. The general look will be a modern one.

If you want to customize the modern style with a Scandinavian touch, then simplicity should be the key element for your kitchen! A wooden floor and a table made from the same material, combined with some chairs from Panton S and a lamp will add value to your kitchen.

The Modish style combines white elements with a floor made from dark wood and a slight continuing line between the kitchen and the rest of the house. The marble, the cabinets, and the walls must be white all of them, but the floor element must be totally respected in order to obtain this style.

On the other hand, if you prefer a transitional white kitchen or a romantic one, things are a little more different. For the latter, romance and glamor can be obtained using a backdrop. It will add value to the marble and thus the classy appeal is obtained without a great budget to invest.

The last option you have when it comes to white kitchens is the sophisticated city. Get inspired from the vintage fashion and add some elements in the area of accessories or hardware!