Why Hardwood Floors Are the Best Choice for Your Kitchen

A lot of people consider hardwood floors when it comes to their living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, but they are reluctant to do so when it comes to their kitchens as well, thinking that tiles in the kitchen are a much better option. However, the truth is that hardwood flooring is the best choice for your kitchen if you simply take some factors into account before selecting the type of floors to put in.

Easy maintenance

One of the main reasons for which people fear putting in hardwood floors in their kitchen is the fact that a lot of things are being spilled on the kitchen floor and they fear that will affect the wood in time, while tiles are more resistant. In reality, if one cleans up spills immediately, hardwood floors can last a lifetime, especially if you get them from a good and experienced hardwood provider, not to mention the fact that they look a lot better than tiles. If you go for the hand-scraped hickory hardwood, then you will benefit from a kitchen with rich character.

Great aspect

Another reason for which hardwood flooring is the best choice for your kitchen is that it helps you give a seamless look to your home, by having hardwood flooring installed throughout the house. Not only that but if you think your kitchen needs some fresh-ing up after a couple of years or more, you can easily obtain that through refinishing, painting or staining the kitchen floors. Again, you should be careful about choosing the right hardwood provider, as several companies offer these additional services as well. Wood floors go great in the kitchen, because the kitchen is not usually where you would walk in high heels or play with your dog, so you don’t have to worry about scrapes. Moreover, they are very easy to clean, all you have to do being wipe them whenever there is a spill, sweep or vacuum them regularly. You don’t need to use any kind of product, such as sprays, waxes or polishes. Even though you need to be a little more careful with hardwood flooring than with tiles, one thing remains valid: the first will give your kitchen a much better look and overall aspect than tiles.

Added insulation

The great looks and the easy maintenance are not the only reasons for which hardwood floors are a good idea for your kitchen. They also limit noise and add insulation to the room, which is not to be overlooked, as kitchens are regularly colder rooms than living or dining rooms. You can add insulation through underlayment products and while you’re there you can also take care of the moisture prone areas, by adding vinyl or plastic-lined underlayment. The bottom line is that, if you are thinking of types of floors for your kitchen, you should really give hardwood flooring a serious consideration, as it is long lasting, beautiful in appearance and practical as well.